Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona, with its sculpted fountains, baroque palaces and outdoor cafes, is the most elegant among the squares of Rome, where you can pleasantly lose yourself in the alleys and discover new fascinating views.

Piazza Navona is one of the most active centers of city life, thanks to the cafés located along the square, but also in the wonderful inner alleys, such as the Caffè della Pace, located in Vicolo dell'Arco della Pace in the splendid setting of the Church of Santa Maria della Peace whose Cloister designed by Bramante, added in 1504, besides being a magnificent example of classical simplicity, is home to numerous exhibitions. Going through the alleys behind the square you will come across Pasquino, the most famous of the talking statues, you will come across picturesque and colarata Via del Governo Vecchio with shops selling used items, second-hand clothes and pleasant trattorias. Famous for its antique shops, Via dei Coronari is another must-see for a stroll around Piazza Navona. In the past it was a part of the itinerary for the pilgrims who came to San Pietro, and the coronaries, from which the street takes its name, were the sellers of rosaries.

During the Christmas period Piazza Navona becomes the home of Christmas markets: sugar sweets almond paste and chocolate for children who can have a picture with Santa Claus and his sleigh, have fun on the carousel that is always mounted, you can find in besides Christmas decorations like splendid blown glass balls and statuettes for the nativity scene and many ideas for gifts to put under the tree.

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